Breaking waves


At the beginning of 2016 I realized that my passion for the sea led me to spend a considerable amount of time looking at wave forecast on Internet. As a routine, everyday I checked several websites to find the most accurate wave prediction. Then, I was used to combine different sources of information to build my own prediction. It must be said that some websites did (and still do) an excellent job in providing a reliable drawing about the sea condition people will find on their shores. However, I was not totally satisfied. This was mainly because I could not find all the information I wanted in a single website. Therefore, I decided to build my own forecast system. Of course one cannot invent this from nothing, but several skills are needed to embark on this kind of adventure. Several skills, a bit of foolishness and good support. This page provides a brief presentation of myself and the people who have contributed to build this website.

Spring 2017, Andrea


SWELLBEAT is an idea of Andrea Ruju. Andrea holds a PhD in Science and Technology in Coastal Management (University of Cantabria 2013). He is now a post-doctoral researcher in Coastal Geomorphology at the University of Cagliari. His research has been mainly focused on nearshore and surf zone hydrodynamics. Andrea Ruju handles the SWELLBEAT wave forecast system. In particular he is in charge of: preprocessing, model set-up, postprocessing, data transfer, website updating. Moreover, he periodically writes on the blog and publishes wave reports.

Alberto Serra is a software engineer (now at CRS4 as expert technologist) who provides useful support for the client side operations and in particular with the JAVASCRIPT language. Here is the Alberto's linkedin profile.

Alessandro Danese (engineer and CEO at Wipeout Boardshop) makes available an extensive knowledge of a large number of Sardinian surf spots. His precious suggestions help in the identification of the best wave conditions for a determined spot and in the assessment of its potential for surf and other watersports.


SWELLBEAT collaborates with:

  1. Wipeout Boardshop
  2. 4surf
  3. MeteoQuartucciu