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It is a great pleasure to announce that SWELLBEAT is now operational! The website is mainly addressed to marine sports-people, sailors, wave chasers and in general to any person who loves to hang out at coastal environments. Basically, people like us. If you feel an overwhelming desire to escape to the nearest shore as soon as you have the opportunity, you may find here something valuable for your purposes!

Accurate weather and wave forecast are provided on a daily basis up to three days in advance. The website core is the wave forecast system based on advanced atmospheric and oceanic numerical models applied over the Mediterranean sea. The wave results benefit from a multi-grid approach consisting in a combination of a large coarse grid and of a small fine grid. The coarse grid covers the whole Mediterranean basin with a spatial resolution of 0.167 degrees (18 km). The simulations performed using the coarse grid provide the boundary condition for the fine-grid simulations. The fine grid has spatial resolution of 0.0167 degrees (1.8 km) and covers the regional seas surrounding the islands of Sardinia and Corsica (we expect to cover more areas in the next future). This approach leads to an accurate wave description in coastal waters in conjunction with a reduction of computation efforts required to run the simulations. Have a look at the about page if you want to learn more about the methodology adopted for wave prediction.

The SWELLBEAT wave forecast system provides a large amount of valuable information. One has to bear in mind, however, that a good interpretation of model results relies upon the understanding of the natural processes involved in the model simulations. For this reason, in addition to wave forecast, the website presents other features such as a blog and a wave calculator. The wave calculator includes well-accepted theories and formulations to give fast solutions to simple wave problems. The objective of the blog, which will be updated periodically, is to provide an easy-to-read introduction to wave dynamics.

The main goal of SWELLBEAT is to made the topic of wave forecast accessible to a wide audience. To achieve this, we don’t just publish data in form of colorful charts and tables with numbers, but we try to transmit the skills required to gain a basic understanding about how waves behave under different conditions. We try to transmit the reverence needed to deal with a powerful and dynamic element like the ocean. Welcome to SWELLBEAT.

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