Wave Forecast Overview

Mediterranean and Sardinia wave height

Mediterranean wave forecast overview

The Chart section provides 5 days Mediterranean wave forecast with a time step of 3 hours. The charts plot sea and atmospheric parameters. The WW3 wave model is applied over the whole Mediterranean basin with a 18 km grid resolution. The resolution is increased to 1.8 km over the seas surrounding Sardinia and Corsica.
The Surf Spots section shows wave forecast and atmospheric conditions directly at the best known surf spots. The significant wave height and the peak period are extracted from the WW3 model simulation in the nearshore in front of the spot. An external routine estimates the wave height at the breakpoint.
The Wave Calculator incorporates well known wave theories and formulations to give fast solutions to a wide range of wave problems. Different scenarios are available including linear waves, estimation of wave lenght, energy carried by swells, wave propagation and breaking, swell generation by winds.